Are you a sports coach interested in supporting others' confidence?

This is for you:

- whether you are new to coaching or are very experienced

- if you are keen to develop relationships of trust with those you coach

- or if you are working with particularly nervous novices or are looking to support others face their big challenges


We aim to capture, share and further extend great coaching practice in THESE three learning zones:


Instilling confidence in others starts with our own self-confidence as coaches.

This Learning Zone is all about developing self awareness, authenticity and making the spaces in which we can be open and creative in our coaching.  Click on the link above for more.


Building trust and confidence in the coaching relationship can be a journey.

This Learning Zone focuses on the many lessons along the way to give navigational aids, landmarks and principles to guide us. Click on the link above for more.


Our end goal is to nurture self-confidence in those we coach so they are ready to get the very best out of themselves.

This Learning Zone focuses on what we can do practically to achieve this.  Click on the link above for more.

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The ideas for Confidence Centred Coaching come from Coach Mike Porteous' experience, grounded in research and practice and enriched by the amazing challenges people present.


In qualifying at the highest level as a triathlon coach, Mike became aware that, whilst confidence was a repeated theme in many coaches' experiences and challenges, there seemed to be comparatively little focus on this in the way coaches are trained.

At Brighton Tri Club, where Mike was the Head Coach for several years, over half of those joining were new to the sport, coming with a mix of excitement and trepidation, many doubting themselves and their ability to meet the challenges they set themselves.  In his private work he has also found himself working with many clients who had anxieties or fears, showing remarkable bravery in overcoming these and surprising themselves with what they could do.

Out of all this came the appetite to learn more about confidence and a readiness to share this with others.

Drawing on a wide range of social research, Sports Psychology, ideas and practice from the world of business, arts, dance and many other novel and surprising sources, as well as Mike's own research on motivation, the key ideas, principles and models for Confidence Centred Coaching have taken shape - and continue to do so through engagement with other coaches and his clients.


There are several ways to get involved:


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with more ways to share experiences, ideas and support for each other to come.


To get fully involved in the learning experience, take part in a one-day workshop, focusing on your own confidence in coaching and how to instil confidence in those you coach.

Look out for other workshops through partner organisations - or get in touch to arrange one for your own club or organisation.


Get in contact if you are after more tailored support, advice or consultancy.  There are also a few spaces for mentoring partnerships.