Terms and Conditions

Legal Status

Confidence Centred Coaching is developed and run by ZigZag Alive Ltd, a private triathlon coaching business and a registered company no. 07780166 (“we”. “us”).  The customer, participants and/or those who register as members (“you”) applies to any individual, organisation or agents acting on your behalf.


Privacy Policy and Confidentiality

Any information gathered as part of the process of registering with us or taking part in any of our activities, is held securely and only for the purposes of contacting you.  Names, addresses and any other contact details are under no circumstances passed on, shared or sold on to other organisations.

Our workshops are also run on a basis of respecting individual confidentiality.  Participants are asked to agree to these terms before their place is confirmed and are reminded of the commitment at the start of workshops.



To become a Member of Confidence Centred Coaching you will need to submit the form accessible on the Sign In page.  Membership is free for a twelve month period, starting from the date of joining.  Members are asked to respect the confidentiality of views expressed, experiences recounted or other personal details in the closed Members' forums and conversations - just as you would respect a coaching client's confidentiality.  You are also asked not to share or forward on material provided only to Members and to keep the password for the Members' Store as your own.



Bookings for the workshops are made in advance and by application - no on the door admittance.    Certain basic information is requested as part of your application.  We reserve the right to decline an application if we feel that the particular workshop or other activity is not appropriate to you.

If accepted, you will be sent detailed information about the activity and payment details.  Your place is confirmed by email once full payment is received in advance.



If you need to cancel attendance at an activity please let us know as soon as possible.  We will endeavour to arrange another date or give you a refund - though we reserve the right to keep up to 50% of the payment if you give less than seven days’ notice and to keep the full payment if you give less than 24 hours’ notice.


Medical and Health

Please tell us well in advance of any medical conditions or other health issues that may affect our ability to provide a safe and fully rewarding experience.  We are strongly committed to making coaching development accessible to as many coaches as possible so please tell us in advance of anything that may affect your full participation.



We take very seriously our duty of care to all who engage with us and will ensure, as far as possible, a safe and enjoyable experience at our events, activities and interactions with Members.  We accept that we would be liable for any negligence or damage on our part.  We are not liable, however, for any harm, damage or loss that results from your own actions, actions beyond our control or which we cannot have reasonably foreseen.