- build a supportive network of like minded sports coaches, so we can share experiences, ideas and learn together

- deepen our understanding of confidence, grounded in a mix of research and real life experience of how things are (not what any text book says they should be)

- continuously improve and build on great practice in our coaching, in particular so we are at ease, open and learning as coaches; able to develop trusting, rewarding relations with those we coach; and to instil in them a confidence to bring out the very best in themselves



The ideas and approaches in Confidence Centred Coaching are rooted in a philosophy of always believing in the amazing things people can achieve given the right degree of challenge, expert care and encouragement.

It is a genuinely athlete centred approach in that it starts with being attentive to and focused on the person we are coaching, respectful of their ambitions and understanding of their concerns and challenges.

It also calls for a commitment and openness to learning and reflection on the part of the coach, allowing us to draw on our own experiences to help support those we coach.