We have two different kinds of workshops to offer.

short workshops

The first are short, two to two and half hour workshops that focus primarily on exploring what it means to make confidence a central part of our coaching.  These are designed for coaches at all levels and across all sports, whether fairly new to coaching or experienced.

There will be a strong emphasis on:

  • reflecting on our own experiences and what each of us brings to coaching

  • how we can be open and creative, responsive rather than reactive, in our coaching

  • a good mix of theory, research and real life practice, with lots to take away


  • an openness and readiness to learn, to share experience and engage

  • for sports coaches of all levels, experience and qualifications

Outline structure of the workshop:

  • inroductions

  • ideas, influences and sources of learning

  • key principles

  • three core practices

One day workshops

The second goes deeper into being a Confidence Centred Coach: the attributes and approaches, practical tools and actions to take away and make a part of your coaching practice.  Like the shorter workshops, these are participative, small group workshops for coaches from across all sports who have a keen interest in nurturing and encouraging greater self-confidence – in ourselves as coaches and in those we coach.

The aims are to provide participants with:

  • exposure to and exploring of established and novel, thought provoking approaches and models for coaching

  • practical tools to take away and use in their coaching

  • an uplifting, enriching learning experience

The theory and practice of Confidence Centred Coaching are introduced and explored.  There is an emphasis on stepping back and gaining a fresh perspective on what we do.  Participants need to be willing to share their experience in a confidential setting, considering and learning with others.  In this way, lessons from our own coaching journeys and those we coach are used to arrive at practical, take-away lessons.  The workshops also make use of several useful models and approaches from the world of Sports Psychology and other insightful, sometimes unexpected sources.


  • an openness and readiness to learn, to share experience and engage

  • for sports coaches of all levels, experience and qualifications.

The workshops are relevant to those coaching one to one and to coaching groups in club set ups.

 Outline Structure of the Day:

  • introductions and main themes: the Four Ps of Confidence Centred Coaching

  • coach centred: group and individual work on journeys and philosophies; the openness challenge and mindsets

  • confidence centred: identifying and opening up the component parts of confidence; group work on how these can be nurtured

  • coaching centred: putting into practice some tools for switching, reframing and scripts

  • wrap up and take-aways

Watch this space - or sign up to be a Member - for news on the date, location and cost of both types of workshop.


Tailored workshops

If you and your club or organisation would like a more tailor-made workshop, please contact us by email or 'phone to discuss interests and possibilities.

These will include a core of ideas and exercises from the one day workshops whilst also allowing for a more concentrated, deeper focus on specific areas of special interest to your club or organisation.